Kids are meant to play. Given a choice, being active is what comes naturally to them. It’s fun. It helps them grow up to be fit, confident, strong and capable. But paying for team fees or other kids’ sports activities is a barrier for many families.

Children from low-income households are half as likely to play one day’s worth of team sports than children from households earning at least $100,000.

At the same time, physical activity is being eliminated or significantly reduced at schools across the country. Add to this the fact that kids are inundated with technology that can be much more engaging for them and hard to put down.

The end result is kids are not getting the recommended level of physical activity they need to stay healthy and over 10,000,000 kids are completely inactive!

KIDS in the GAME removes barriers to getting kids active by helping kids from low-income families to register for after-school sports and helping schools bring back physical activity.


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Kids ages 4-18 get in the game

(44% Girls, 56% Boys)


Hours of moderate to vigorous

physical activity


Sports and activities selected

by children


States where youth have been supported