We are removing financial barriers and getting more kids active because we believe
. . . every kid deserves the chance to play!

By helping kids from low-income families register for after-school sports, participate in physical activity at school, and increase opportunities to be active; we are inspiring kids, families, schools, and communities to live healthy and active lives together.

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One Kid, One Community at a Time!

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Did you know kids from low-income homes are 1/2 as likely to play one day in team sports?

45% of kids are kinesthetic learners (learn through movement)! We were born to move!

Given a choice, being active is what comes naturally to us, most importantly to kids!

  • It’s fun
  • Helps kids grow
  • Teaches kids to live healthily and confidently
  • Gives kids the opportunity to learn through movement

“The average P.E. budget in America is $764 dollars.”* Every year PE budgets decrease and activity is eliminated or reduced at schools across our country. 

Paying for team fees and activities, in a safe and structured environment is a major financial barrier.

*PHIT America

The effects of Inactivity are astonishing!

Only 7% of kids are active to CDC Standards! Kids are not getting the opportunity to meet the recommended level of physical activity they need to stay healthy. 9 Million kids are completely inactive!


Kids 4-18 in the game

(44% Girls, 56% Boys)

4+ million
Hours of moderate-vigorous

physical activity


Sports & activities chosen by kids


States where youth have been impacted