KIDS in the GAME’s Mission

KIDS in the GAME is investing in the future of youth sports by providing the opportunity for low-income and marginalized youth to get in the game.

We do this by covering a portion of a kid’s registration fees for recreational after-school sports, which is breaking down the barriers that are keeping 62% of kids on the sidelines*.

*The number one reason kids are not playing is financial.

There are many reasons kids are on the sidelines today. Our kids, families, and communities are feeling the impact from school budget cuts, too much screen time, increase in registration dues, and the professionalization of youth sports.

The impact of youth sports participation:

  • Kids learn to “try their best,” as well as teamwork, including problem-solving and experiencing success and challenges
  • Kids learn personal growth through practice, participation, and repetition
  • Kids receive an opportunity for respectful mentoring from an adult or peer leader outside of their family.
  • Communities are strengthened as families, schools, and peers support youth programs
  • Problems and costs associated with inactivity are reduced
  • Kids feel a boost in self-esteem, confidence, and direct social connection 
  • Kids discover newfound abilities, build confidence, and a grow their desire to be physically active in life.

Money is the Biggest Barrier in Youth Sports.

Did you know:
Sports participation is lowest in households with low-incomes?
Girls sports participation is even lower for low-income families? 

Too many kids are growing up without PE and athletics.

  • Less than 24% of kids are active to Center for Disease Control (CDC) Standards.

  • Kids need at least an hour a day of moderate physical activity most days of the week.

  • 9 Million kids are completely inactive in the United States.

  • Kids need more than one or two options available so they can find an activity that’s engaging. We must encourage sport sampling and encourage kids to participate in multiple sports.

Why is this important? — for kids and everyone?

  • Obesity rates have TRIPLED in the last 30 years 
  • Getting into the habit of being active means better lifelong health
  • 45% of kids are kinesthetic learners – they learn through movement! Kids are born to play!
  • Daily activity and activity breaks improves academic performance and focus
  • Activity boosts mental outlook and helps kids build resiliency, improving their mental health
  • It means reducing the high costs of youth misconduct and obesity

Let ‘Em Play

Check out our Programs

Success in sports should focus on what kids want to take away from the experience.

We believe the future in youth sports is Sport Sampling, kids trying various sports and connecting to the activity/sport that creates a lifelong passion to be active. 

Our sponsors, donors, and partners are behind KIDS in the GAME’s mission that Every Kid Deserves A Chance To Play through our programs: 

  1. Pass Program *— We pay youth sports registration fees! When a kid qualifies for Free & Reduced Lunch, they qualify for The PASS. 
  2. AMPED – is a morning running program designed to get kids moving and prime their brains for learning. AMPED comes in ONE easy to pack, roll, and setup kit with 2 Bluetooth Speakers, Silicone necklaces and small and big charms. We provide supplies and support for 3 years!