Arch Fuston is creator/director of ACTIVE Network’s employee engagement program, ACTIVEx.  The reach of his program extends around the world, with ACTIVE employees as far as Xi’an, China experiencing the impact. As part of ACTIVEx, his “ACTIVEx Charity Challenge” program has catapulted hundreds of ACTIVE employees, family members and friends into activity-centric lives while collectively “fundracing” nearly $500,000 and putting thousands of under severed kids, “in the game” through a philanthropic partnership with non-profit KIDS in the GAME. His unique style of wellness and engagement and the impact it’s made over the last decade has propelled the company to multiple health-based awards through a methodology that looks at corporate wellness as an ecosystem of health…the health of a companies employees, the health of the relationship with communities in which they work, and the healthy impact of it on the business.

Arch resides in San Diego, CA, is married to Christy Fuston (19 years) and is the proud parent of 7 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kai. He’s an IRONMAN triathlete, a cyclist, adept at any sport that uses a ball or racquet, and a passionate positive psychology “mesearcher.”