Life happens when you least expect it. In 2008, John was taking his two kids to enroll in youth sports and was asked to coach. From that moment, he began to learn how the world had changed from when he was a kid and played outside every day. He soon learned that 62% of kids today were not able to play sports due to financial constraints. Additionally, he discovered that PE and recess was being removed from schools in order to meet more demands on state testing standards. As the research began to pour in, it was clear that the lack of physically actively had serious health effects on our kids; for the first time, we see the first generation of kids has a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

KIDS in the GAME was born a year later with the idea that “Every Kids Deserves a Chance to Play.” John left his career in software and technology and gives his all and is passionate about making a difference for kids. KIDS in the GAME is now a National organization with partnerships from some of the largest organizations in America. John speaks and works all over the county to help kids to play sports and fund elementary schools that have little or no physical activity programs. 

John is also a father of two amazing kids and husband to one of our other founders, the wonderful and amazing Tara Ballantine.

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