In June of this year (2019), we updated the brand mark for KIDS in the GAME. We did this to even better reflect the “taking off” of our organization, and the “taking off” of life when sports are included. 

Our brand mark consists of the forward-movement typography and “the woosh,” our visual representation of “taking off.” On this page you’ll find images for download in either .png form or .PDF form, for vector use in both Pantone and CMYK versions.

For usage questions, please contact [email protected].

KITG Brand Marks

The Pass is KIDS in the GAME’s flagship program. It’s a kid’s ticket to getting in the game–not as a spectator, but as an active participant.
The Pass logo should never appear on a site/page/medium/media without KIDS in the GAME representation.

AMPED is our school exercise program that gets kids moving and primes their brains for learning. The AMPED logo should never appear in a site/page/medium/media without KIDS in the GAME representation. 

The KIDS in the GAME/The Pass/AMPED combination logo is to be used when visibility to our entire product offering is desired/required.