At KIDS in the GAME we know we cannot exist without the support
of our corporate partners.

 We believe in the power of working together to solve big issues facing the next generation! No one company or organization can solve the sedentary crisis. We must work together.

Below are a few examples of how we have worked with our corporate partners to build their brands, engage employees and make a difference. 

Amplifying the Pacific Northwest

In partnership with PHIT America and a generous donation from the Julia Love Pritt Private Foundation we are getting kids throughout the Pacific Northwest active. Through this implementation we are bringing our school-based running program, AMPED, to 85 schools and helping over 1,500 low-income kids get access to after-school sports through our Pass program.

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Leading the Industry

Life Fitness is committed to being an industry leader in helping kids get active. See how we have worked with them to achieve a multi-faceted approach to leading the fight against the sedentary crisis.

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Federal Employee Assistance

Nike reached out to us to use one of our national programs to help Federal Employees impacted by the shutdown. We were able to quickly build a platform and roll out the program to all families impacted by the government shutdown. 

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Employee Engagement

Active is our longest standing partner. They engage their employee to help fulfill the company’s commitment to making the world a more active place. See how we have worked with them to achieve this. 

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Employee Activation

Unitedhealthcare has a diverse workforce with many employees working remotely. See how we worked with UnitedHealthcare to engage their remote employees in a local activation and helped them feel connected.

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Making a Difference

Riddell partnered with PHIT America and KIDS in the GAME to be a part of the solution. When they learned about the sedentary crisis and what it meant to the industry, they joined the cause to make a difference.

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KIDS in the GAME is proud to be
an Active Schools partner.