“Thank you KIDS in the GAME & Nike for providing a financial investment in sports and children. My son just received a grant to continue playing baseball. Now, my son has his baseball smile again.”

“Thank you so much! It would make my kid very very happy to continue her ski training, it means a lot to her!

“Suddenly I needed to pay for my daughters basketball at the YMCA. I used money that was meant to pay my gas and electric bill, since I had no money coming in.  She loves playing basketball more than anything. It warms my heart that she gets to participate, despite the trouble I had paying for her participation.

The Federal Employee Pass supported the children of those families impacted by the shutdown.

The shutdown may have been over, but many families were still impacted. One of the impacts Nike was committed to mitigating was keeping Federal Employee kids in the game!

All Federal Employees affected by the shutdown are eligible to apply for up to $400 of after-school sports registration fees.

To date, over 113 kids have been supported across 24 states playing 20 different sports.

Thank you, Nike!