Chip & Doug: Racing to help kids get into sports

On March 15-22, 2015, Doug Yeakel (62) and Chip Woodland (58) braved 8 days of endurance mountain biking as they took on the grueling CAPE EPIC, which is known as the “Untamed African Mountain Bike Race.” This challenging race took place in the Cape Region of South Africa as they covered the full distance of 739 kilometers over mountainous terrain, with 52,493 feet of accumulated vertical climbing and temperatures over 100°F.


About the Cape Epic — Quick Facts

Format: Endurance Mountain Biking
Tagline: “The Untamed African Mountain Bike Race”
Location: Western Cape Region of South Africa
Duration: 8 stages (March 15-22, 2015)
Accumulated Vertical Climbing: 52,493 ft
Total Distance: 739 kilometers
Riders: 1,200 (600 teams of two) from over 40 countries
Profile of Racers: professional and recreational


The Mission

Being physicians, Chip and Doug are reminded daily of the impact of obesity and sedentary lifestyles. They are firm believers in developing kids through sports activities and they desire to give back. They have participated in a number of races in the past but never for a cause. Partnering with KIDS in the GAME allowed them an opportunity to “fund-race” to help underprivileged kids that cannot afford to play sports to now have that opportunity. 100% of donations went to help kids in Lake County, Colorado have a chance to play.

About Chip & Doug

Chip and Doug both spent most of their childhood in Ohio, not exactly the fittest state in the nation. Their paths crossed when they met in the campus locker room prepping for the “lunch run” during their study at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. The friendship that developed has survived over the last 36 years. Every couple years, that gnawing “need” for a new challenge starts to grow within them. Those challenges have included Denali ascent, Ironman competitions across the globe, adventure racing (also across the globe), ultra marathons, and many others. Although they have set goals for some big races, their day-to-day lives as Emergency Medicine physicians have always incorporated exercise and fitness.

As a Vail, Colorado resident, Chip’s “active family” includes his wife and two sons, who join him as participants (and sometimes support team) in many outdoor endeavors, including their own lists of aspirations and activities, be it hiking, biking, skiing, or playing at the local skate park.

Doug and his wife live in Leadville, Colorado. They have five children that are all grown up and now have families of their own. Prior, however, life was a balancing act of team and individual sports. The kids still fondly refer to family vacations as Yeakel Boot Camp, not a whole lot of couch time!