GO! Grant Video

Life Fitness helped KIDS in the GAME to support 11 schools in Chicago and increase the activity levels of over 5,500 kids.

Belmont-Cragin and Dennis Peters (PE Instructor) were one of the 2017 GO! Grant recipients. This video was created in partnership with Life Fitness, KIDS in the GAME and PHIT America after Dennis told a story of the impact of increased activity on a young student, Julian.

Julian is a 6th grade student and has not only increased his physical health, but also was able to rise above being bullied in his life to inspire others through his drive and determination to become healthier. He has begun to build characteristics and skills that he can utilize for the remainder of his life.

Julian is an example of one kid’s story, but his story can resonate with millions across the country. Falling in love with physical activity has the ability to change your life.

Please continue to support and share this great story.