The Federal Employee Pass supported the children of those families impacted by the shutdown.

The shutdown may have been over, but many families were still impacted. One of the impacts Nike was committed to mitigating was keeping Federal Employee kids in the game!

All Federal Employees affected by the shutdown are eligible to apply for up to $500 of after-school sports registration fees.T

Together we impacted 206 kids have been supported across 31 states playing 30 different sports.

Thank you, Nike!


The Federal Pass: Update! 

  1. The Federal Employee Pass is now closed!
  2. To find the Central Oregon Pass please click here
  3. The Federal Employee Pass proved to be a well-received program; we are overjoyed with the success of this very quick grant opportunity.
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The Pass: History

  • KIDS in the GAME’s flagship program, The Pass, started in 2010!
  • The Pass was created to provide financial assistance to low-income families, physically/developmentally challenged, or at-risk youth. The Pass has been breaking down financial barriers for underprivileged kids to play sports for almost 10 years. 
  • The Pass has previously operated in 4 states and 7 counties. It has provided opportunities to thousands of kids to be active and thrive through sports. 
  • The Pass has been possible because of our amazing sponsors; who are committed to supporting an active and thriving youth culture through sport. 
  • Today, through the help of our friends at Nike, The Pass has temporarily revised its focus to lending it’s services to the families affected by the Government Shutdown. We want to keep your kids active and ensure they are able to participate in their sports throughout the chaos. 

The Pass Program: How Kids’ Sports Grants Work:

  1. In partnership with Nike, KIDS in the GAME is providing funding to families impacted by the government shutdown. School-aged kids, 5-18 years of age, who are missing out on participating in sports due to the shutdown are welcome to apply.
  2. Youths and parents apply online to KIDS in the GAME for “sportsidies.”
  3. We are providing financial assistance to assist with registration fees, for your kids’ activities of choice.
  4. Checks will be made out to the organizations offering the activities. Families present these payments at registration.
  5. Grants available to all government employees impacted by the shutdown.

The Pass Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application process qualifications?

Grants available to school-aged youth, age 5-18, from families impacted by the government shutdown. To complete the application, please provide documentation that they are a federal employee that has been impacted by the shutdown.


What is the maximum grant amount?

Our goal is to provide financial assistance to as many families as we can. Therefore, we have placed a cap at $500 per sports registration fee, to keep your child in the game.

How often can I apply for a grant?

Every qualified child can apply once per sport.

Does each child need an application in the same family?

Yes. Please create an application for each kid that you are requesting funds for.  

How quickly will I receive the grant?

The application will be reviewed within 2 days. Approved applicants will then be notified and a check will be in the mail within 2 business days.

Who is the check written out to?

The check will be written out to the youth sports organization or the school that the child will be participating at, which is indicated in Section 3 of the Online Application. Checks will not be made out to an individual and or used for previously paid fees.

Where is the check mailed to?

The check will either be mailed directly to the youth sports organization if it is an organization KIDS in the GAME has an existing relationship with or to the family so they can present it at the time of registration. The family designates the address for the check in Section 2 of the Online Application.

What organizations can I use the grant at?

All youth sports organizations or schools should accept the grant because the check will be written out to them and is considered like cash.

Am I guaranteed a grant if I apply?

As resources allow, grant funding is applied to first come, first serve basis for all qualified youth.

What if I cannot use the grant as originally intended on my application?

Please contact KIDS in the GAME by email or by phone at 541-508-3966. We can help work out a plan to use the grant for a future program.