GO! Grant Resources

We encourage schools, parents and community organizations to join in a collaborative effort to create sustainable physical activity programs at your school. Explore our list of resources that help provide access to funding, programming, training, and much more!

Resources to help you design quality programs:

Let’s Move! Active Schools Resources and Tools
Let’s Move! Active Schools makes it easier for schools to create an Active School environment by streamlining physical education and physical activity resources, programs, grants and professional development. After enrolling and completing the short Assessment, your school will unlock access to activation tools including: grants, special incentives and discounts, a one-stop shop of evidenced-based resources, professional development, and technical assistance. When you are ready to fill out your GO! Grant application, make sure to leverage your Let’s Move! Active Schools Assessment and Action Plan when finding ideas, solutions and programs that will best fit the needs of your school and when describing the impact it will make on your school community. The resources on this site include videos, printables, websites, and curricula from 35 Let’s Move! Active Schools partners, including many of the suggested resources below, to help ensure 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the new norm for your students!

Build Our Kids’ Success: BOKS
BOKS, (Build Our Kids’ Success) an initiative of the Reebok Foundation, is a before-school physical activity program aimed to get children moving in the morning and their brains ready for a day of learning. Dr. Ratey states in his book Spark that, “exercise is the single most powerful tool we have to optimize the function of our brains.” This was Kathleen Tullie’s inspiration to take physical activity for kids to the next level. Launched in 2009, BOKS provides a completely FREE robust curriculum to empower the community and help the youth of this generation embrace healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

To learn more, or enroll your school in BOKS please go to: www.bokskids.org

SPARK is a research-based organization that provides award-winning, evidence-based programs for Physical Education (K-12), Classroom Activity & Recess, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health. Since 1989, SPARK has provided curriculum, training, and consultation to over 100,000 teachers and youth leaders worldwide. Each SPARK program strives to foster environmental and behavioral change by providing a coordinated package of highly active curriculum, on-site teacher training, extensive follow-up support, and content-matched equipment. Visit www.sparkpe.org to download free sample lesson plans, find grant opportunities, and register for free educational webinars and monthly eNewsletters.

Written into many funded public health and community grant applications, CATCH® is an evidence-based program proven to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. For over 25 years, CATCH has helped sustain healthy learning environments designed to promote physical activity and healthy food choices for youth Pre K-Grade 8, Early Childhood, After-School, and Summer programs. Featured in the Healthy Eating in Out-of-School Time Standards, and SNAP-Ed Obesity Prevention Toolkit for States; Awarded CDC’s “Systems Change Award” 2012. Visit us at www.catchinfo.org to learn more about professional development, grant writing assistance, and the CATCH webinar series.

Focused Fitness
Since 2001, Focused Fitness has been a leading provider of standards-based quality Physical Education and Physical Activity Programs, Software, and Professional Development that support CDC’s Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP). All programs are aligned to SHAPE America’s National Standards and CCSS. K-12 FIVE FOR LIFE® Program is an articulated Physical Education curriculum that combines fitness and health academic content, intentional fitness, motor skills, and social/emotional development. The FAB 5® After School Program, Physical Activity Program and Early Learner Fitness Program are designed for Community Partners and Schools to increase activity, enhance learning, and help students build the skills they need to be healthy, active, and successful throughout life. Video Brain and Body Boosts® are also available to foster movement and improve learning in the classrooms. WELNET® is a web-based software system that empowers districts and individual schools to collect, report, and analyze key fitness- and health-related data to support quality programs and better learning outcomes for students. In addition, numerous motor skills and health-related content videos are available from the WELNET® Video Library. For more information or assistance writing for this grant, visit www.focusedfitness.org or call 509.327.3181.

Marathon Kids
Marathon Kids is dedicated to improving the health of children by providing them with the motivation, tools and support to live happier, healthier lifestyles. As the only evidence-based running & walking program for students K-12 in the United States, our inclusive Marathon Kids running clubs help kids, parents, schools and communities reach their full potential together. Marathon Kids is for any child who wants (or needs) to move. Each Marathon Kid makes a commitment to run. They set goals. They track their progress. They challenge themselves. Marathon Kids’ runners are inspired to keep pace by earning exclusive Nike rewards at their marathon milestones. Deep down, it’s about way more than the prizes, though. Kids build grit, character, and self-esteem. The kids are ready to lace up – are you? For GO! Grant application assistance, email [email protected].

With over 100 activities for anytime of the day, GoNoodle gets students stretching, running, dancing, singing and moving in classrooms across the country. GoNoodle physical activity breaks energize students, refocus the classroom, improve student engagement and stimulate learning, all in five minutes or less. GoNoodle activities can be played on an interactive whiteboard, projector or computer screen. Teachers can sign up at www.gonoodle.com.

Adventure to Fitness
Adventure to Fitness is the nation’s #1 educational fitness program, used by over 120,000 teachers in more than 22,000 schools, and the nation’s top children’s hospitals and organizations. We focus on keeping kids and students active, learning and having fun all year long! Each full-length episode provides 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Each episode also has Teacher and Parent Guides with suggested activities to reinforce the general and Common Core-aligned lessons in each episode! Subject matters include history, geography, ELA, math, science, and of course, health! For more information, visit www.adventuretofitness.com or email [email protected]

My School in Motion!® 
Get your whole school moving! Every day! My School in Motion! is a fun fitness-based physical education, nutrition, health and wellness program. It captures the power of music, positive messaging and personal connection to get the whole school moving and learning together for 15-20 minutes at the beginning of every day. The Common Core-by-design curriculum can also be used for grade level and/or classroom instruction. This award-winning program features movement routines designed to improve cardio-respiratory health, muscular strength and flexibility, and stimulate brain activity. While moving, students learn about fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, and cross-curricular topics – all built into the lesson plans. Schools receive staff training and online access to step-by-step video instructions for 70+ routines, 200 Daily Movement and Learning Plans, assessment tools, standard connections by grade level, and more. Visit www.myschoolinmotion.org. For questions and/or support with your GO! Grant application email [email protected], or call 310-560-4686.    

BORN TO MOVE® (Les Mills®)
We want to inspire and motivate new generations through music and movement and help them enjoy the increased self-esteem, wellbeing and health benefits of an active life. BORN TO MOVE® provides pre-choreographed fitness programming for children and unique certification for teachers to have the tools to use the material in classes, at recess, or for after school programs.

HOPSports, Inc. is a global health and wellness network that uses its innovative, digital platform to combine physical activity, education and entertainment. This is another great platform to use between subjects or as a PE class – and can be programmed with images and words that promote your school and message(s). HOPSports has a great track record with larger state and national grants and is available to support grant writing for a comprehensive PE program. Let them know that KIDS in the GAME sent you!

100 Mile Club
The award winning 100 Mile Club® presents students with a straightforward challenge: run, jog, or walk 100 miles over the course of the school year. Students log miles during designated running times at school, during recess, and after school, developing essential life skills empowering them to take control over their own success at school and at home by learning how to be motivated from within. Students are rewarded with our incentives – Including our signature t-shirt, wristbands, pencils, end-of-year certificate and medals. The program is highly adaptable to fit the needs of any school and all students. For more information about our program or assistance with this grant, visit www.100mileclub.com or give us a call at 951-340-2290.

New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race
The New Balance Foundation Billion Mile Race is a national non-profit campaign challenging America’s schools to collectively walk, jog, and run one billion miles. Yep, that’s ‘billion’ with a ‘b’! Participating is free and simple. When a school signs up at www.BillionMileRace.org a custom profile is unlocked where they can post miles their students run and walk at school. All miles count – walk to school miles, PE warm-up miles, walking/running club miles, walkathon or 5K miles, and everything in between. And simply by contributing miles to the national goal participating schools are eligible for exciting grant and prize opportunities. Join the race today.

Active Schools Acceleration Project
ASAP is increasing quality physical activity in America’s schools by identifying innovative solutions, pioneered by everyday champions, and empowering schools with the tools and resources to replicate proven models. Program categories are listed by school programs and technology innovation.