Anderson Elementary Receives HOPSports


Anderson Elementary Utilizing HOPSports Brain Breaks

Anderson Elementary School in Plano, Texas has been awarded the HOPSports Brain Breaks through Active Networks annual Charity Challenge.

Anderson Elementary School and PE Teachers Lynell and Denise show exemplary efforts in getting their kids active and healthy. We are excited to be able to award Anderson Elementary through Active Network for all their hard work, and continue to support them as they strive to increase physical activity at their school. They are setting their kids up for an active and healthy future with life skills encompassing health, wellness, and physical activity.

Watch the video to see Anderson Elementary kids utilizing their new Brain Breaks right in the their PE class. Stay tuned in to see as they begin to use their new HOPSports Training System.

We would like to convey a huge Thank You to all the employees at Active Network, through their hard work schools like Anderson Elementary, and more to come, are able to increase physical activity and decrease the inactivity epidemic.