Grant Kids the Opportunity to be Active

“Most Sedentary Generation on earth”

– Dr. John Ratey MD, Harvard Medical School

Only 7% of children are active
to CDC Standards

9  million completely inactive!

PHIT AMERICA partnered up with KIDS in the GAME and created GO! Grants; these grants award schools the opportunity to impact their entire school. GO! Grants increase the opportunities for kids to be active before, during, and after school.

48% of ALL High Schools in America have ZERO Physical Education

Dr. John Ratey MD, Harvard Medical School, explains that when we exercise, we are using more brain cells than in any other human activity.
We learn when our brain cells grow; nothing does that better than exercise! 

GO! Grants are Working!

PHIT AMERICA’s CEO and President, Jim Baugh exclaims, “2/3 of all children are NOT active to healthy standards, and this number is growing every year.” Since GO! Grants started, three years ago, they have shown us, that they work to decrease inactivity! 

2012 Lancet Medical Journal declares ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ in the United States. 

GO! Grants are Working!

Through GO! Grants, PHIT AMERICA and KIDS in the GAME ‘s goal is to impact every kid and school across the country. GO! Grants aid schools in providing the opportunity for increased physical activity for every kid. GO! Grants have impacted over 300,000+ Kids and 600+ Schools across the country, and counting!

Activities Director and Health & Wellness Facilitator, Katherine Langdon, expresses, “the future is bright because of GO! Grants!” She continues to explain that GO! Grants have started a trend and have been a game changer for their kids and school:

“it [GO! Grants] needs to be contagious, needs to go into every school district, every household, and every administration needs to get on board.” 

“45% of kids and adults are Kinesthetic Learners, that means they learn by movement,” says Julian Reed, Ed. D, MPH, Associate Professor Health Sciences Furman University. Reed and Ratey agree, “Play and movement are the oldest forms of learning.” Reed goes on to question why, with such natural instincts to learn through movement, do we tell kids to sit down and be still to learn, all day?

The CDC, Mayo Clinic, and Institute of Medicine all AGREE: 
Kids who Move more are going to Perform better!

The new activity guidelines are out and they are based on the latest scientific evidence that shows that physical activity has many health benefits. For example, physical activity can reduce stress and blood pressure. Physical activity also has immediate results in something most of us treasure deeply, improving our quality of sleep. 

“Exercise is the miracle drug because it affects every part of our body.”

– Janice D. Key MD Director Division of Adolescent Medicine, MUSC


According to the CDC, “Family and community engagement in physical activity means that parents, school staff, out-of-school time providers, and community members are working together to increase opportunities for physical activity before, during, and after the school day to improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. School physical activity programs are more successful when family and community members are involved.” 

AMPED aligns with CDC Standards 

Benefits of AMPED and Family- Community Engagment Include:
 – Improved Grades and Test Scores
– Encouraging better student behavior
– Enhancing Social Skills
– Meeting or exceeding the CDC standard for healthy kids

GO! Grants are currently open for schools to apply for PHIT AMERICA’s #1 Recommended Program, AMPED. Click HERE to learn more about AMPED and apply today! Deadline to apply is January 31, 2019.

We want to thank all our Sponsors for their generous contributions towards GO! Grants. GO! Grants are possible because of you!
We need your continued support to reach more schools and kids. With your support we can continue impacting kids future in sports, activity, health, and lifestyles. To learn more or make a donation towards GO! Grants, click HERE.