WHEELIE 2.0 is Here!


Kurt Osburn began his World Record attempt on Saturday, October 13, 2018; starting in Los Angeles, CA. He will be traveling 2,840 miles, until he reaches Cocoa Beach, FL. Kurt currently holds the World Record for this same route, which he earned him his title back in 1999. This time around, Kurt is looking to knock off almost 30 days from his current record. Making this attempt the longest and fast wheelie. 

Along his journey, Kurt will have an RV following along so he can rest for the night along the way, then get up and start all over again, for 45 consecutive days. Kurt is attempting to break his current World Record to inspire kids to get outside, be active, and spend less time on screens. Kurt is riding to support PHIT America GO! Grants.

PHIT America and KIDS in the GAME are working together to decrease the ‘inactivity pandemic’ our country, our kids, are falling deep into. The Pentagon’s shocking analysis of our current youths’ lack of physical ability, “approximately 71% of the 34 million 17-to-24-year-olds in the U.S. would not qualify for military service because of reasons related to health, physical appearance, and educational background.” Retired Maj. Gen. Jeffrey E. Phillips is a firm believer that “we [American’s] need comprehensive action that involves parents, schools, and communities to help kids understand and make healthy choices to avert the present “obesity crisis” from becoming a national security crisis.” PHIT America and KIDS in the GAME are not sitting on the sidelines watching these numbers increase. Our GO! Grants are working to get kids active before, during and after school. In only 1 month, GO! Grants have brought AMPED to 10 schools already.

AMPED, physical activity program, primes students brains for learning and retention. AMPED is 20 – 40 minutes of before school activity, walking/running based. Not only are kids moving and getting exercise; AMPED initiates positive social interactions providing an opportunity for peers to engage with each other and encourages family and community participation. Kids love the AMPED program and the fun colored incentives they earn for their work. 

AMPED is about to take off, KIDS in the GAME looks to bring AMPED to over 100 schools by the end of 2019. Sign up to receive our newsletter to see when we open our next grant cycle for AMPED or email [email protected] if you would like to be added our list of schools interested. 

#NeverGiveUP #AMPED # GettingAMPED

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What is Wheelie Across America?

It’s windy in Coachella Valley, CA

Stay tuned as Kurt continues to wheelie from 
Los Angeles, CA to Cocoa Beach, FL

Phoenix, AZ

Texas State Line