Success Stories

KIDS In The GAME has helped 150 schools, 50,000 school-kids and 10,000 children in community programs overcome financial barriers to involvement in organized and casual youth sports. Here are just a few of their stories.

wheelchair camp scholarship for kids
Wheelchair Camp for Taylor

Thank you for the scholarship for Wheelchair Camp. Taylor really enjoyed going kayaking, swimming, basketball, golfing, sailing, water skiing, archery, handcycling, and hanging out with new friends! Thank you for providing an opportunity for all children to engage in sports and activities, regardless of their physical abilities. -parent of PASS recipient

snowboarding camp scholarship for kids
Snowboarding camp for Abby

Everyone deserves a chance to play, even those with financial constraints. With the help of a PASS sports grant, Abby participated with SOS Outreach in Colorado to try a sport she always dreamed of.

Adapted Sports Camp for Ethan
Adapted Sports Camp for Ethan

Ethan, age 10, was born with a rare form of Skeletal Dysplasia. He has three brothers who play baseball, basketball, water polo and gymnastics; all activities that he can only be a spectator. Ethan’s life changed when he went to Adapted Sports Camp two years ago. He was able to do water sports, archery, play basketball, soccer, rugby, golf and tennis. More importantly, he was able to be part of a team. And part of a group of children who were all different in some way. He did not feel out of place or that everyone was looking at him, as he sometimes does in his everyday life. Ethan’s life has been changed dramatically since playing sports. Ethan is so happy to be doing the things “regular” kids get to do and his parents report that he has more self-confidence and is more willing to try new things.

baseball softball kids scholarships
Baseball and Softball for all

On behalf of Northside Suburban Little League, I would like to thank you for your generous support. Our league and players are fortunate and thankful to be one of the many benefactors of this great program. Because of this support, many kids can enjoy the sport of baseball and softball who normally may not be able to. Once again, we appreciate your support, as it will allow us to reach out even more and extend the opportunity for kids to participate in our sports program. Thank you!

kids soccer camp scholarships
Keeping kids active

Since so many of our kids come from low income families, having support from KIDS in the GAME and Active Network allows the Boys & Girls Club to meet these families’ needs by providing athletic programs that are so important in keeping kids active while learning sportsmanship and teamwork. Also, many times the athletic programs get new kids into the Club and then they begin to take advantage of our other programs in education, life skills and character development. -Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego

Soccer for Ethan
Soccer for Ethan

With your help my grandson Ethan was able to play his first season of soccer! Thank you for making it possible! -Grandparent of ACTIVEx Pass recipient in Dallas, TX

adaptive sports grants
Basketball for Taylor

Taylor was given the opportunity to attend the ASRA junior wheelchair camp, where he participated in more sports activities than most able-bodied kids his age. Imagine the difference this made in his life - to forget for a moment that his legs did not allow him to play basketball in the traditional sense, but that through adaptive sports programs, he played the best game in his life.

Wrestling team for Adrian and Dominic
Wrestling team for Adrian and Dominic

Thank you for sponsoring my kids for the Oregon Basics Wrestling. It means a lot to my boys to be able to do this. Their wrestling coach is hard but awesome with our kids. Neither one of them have wrestled before in their life. They had their first meet over the weekend and Adrian placed third and Dominic placed fourth. We are off to our second meet this weekend. Again thank you for all you have done for my boys. -Christina Norquist, parent

Basketball Camp for Kyle
Basketball Camp for Kyle

During the first few weeks of camp, Kyle was quiet and shy. He regularly deferred to kids that were visibly more talented. As the summer rolled along, we noticed that he started to really take pride in his ability and enjoy the game because he was able to find his niche. He has since signed up for our YBA (Youth Basketball Association) Program and has come in with that same enthusiasm that he ended the summer with. We hope to see more improvement before the season is over.

Golf lessons for Marcos
Golf lessons for Marcos

Thank you Kids in the Game for helping Marcos participate in another session of golf lessons! He was able to participate in The First Tee of Dallas golf tour tournament. - Lisa Lopez, parent of Pass recipient

football camp grant for kids
Making football possible

I want to say 'Thank You' for helping. If it wasn't for you, my son would not have been able to play football with his school this year. He's so excited that he can play. I'm glad there are programs out there that are willing and able to help families who are in need of a little help. Thank you. -parent of PASS sports grant recipient

girls sports scholarship
Confidence for Kelly

Kelly has struggled with self-confidence and body image issues for much of her childhood. Through KIDS in the GAME's sports grant, she signed up for Girls on the Run International where she grew into a healthy and active young girl. I have seen my daughter change in ways I could never imagine. Thank you! -parent of PASS recipient

YMCA Youth Sports
YMCA Youth Sports

At first, Tony appeared very withdrawn in the program and had trouble socializing with others. However, thanks to his participation in our program, Tony started coming out of his shell. The camaraderie he experienced through the structure of YMCA Youth Sports, all of which emphasize character development, made it easier to socialize with the other children and his shyness decreased. -YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas

little league sports scholarship
Baseball Little League

The sports scholarships our players received from KIDS in the GAME has helped our league to maintain its pledge of making baseball available to kids in Northwest Washington, DC regardless of the financial ability of families to afford to pay registration fees. Thank you for your support! -Northwest Little League

Football scholarship for Dalton
Football scholarship for Dalton

Thank you so much for the sponsorship. We as Dalton’s parents appreciate any and all support we receive. Dalton is a two sport athlete and is presently on the Madras High School varsity football team as starting defense. Thank you and it is greatly appreciated! -parents of ACTIVEx Pass recipient

oregon adaptive sports grants for kids
Oregon Adaptive Sports

Thanks to the PASS sports grant, Kids in the Game has been able to help Oregon Adaptive Sports Snow Recreation Program by providing opportunities to students with disabilities to discover independence and self-confidence as well as have fun!